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You may contact us through the United States Postal Service

IOU Ministries
PO Box 106
Chelsea, AL  35043

Office:  205-679-1447
Mobile: 404-788-7653 CH
Mobile: 205-706-1734 LH







Mission Statement: 
Individuals Openly United to worship God in total freedom.

If you need prayer, please let us know.  We will agree with you and believe that God will heal your body or your situation.  We also have prayer cloths that have been prayed over and anointed if you would desire to have one for yourself or your loved one.

We have many testimonies of people receiving healing and miracles in their lives. Let us know if you have needs or if you have received a healing or blessing from the efforts of our ministry.  God is still in the
healing business.

We want to hear from you.  If this ministry has touched your life in any way, please email us or write to us and let us know.

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