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Decisions are the building blocks of life.
You must learn to take responsibility for 
your decisions. Decide today where you
want to go in life. Invest time in the right 
people and change your reality. 

Build your life with the right building blocks.
Build your house on a firm foundation.
Your present situation can only be routed
back to one thing: YOUR DECISIONS


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II Sam. 9 relates the story of Mephibosheth
and how he ended up in a place called
Lodebar, a place of no pasture. King David
sent his men to find him and regardless of 
where he was, the King didn't leave him with all of his issues. 
Realize that today, God is not going to leave you the way other people have left you. Is there anyone out there that the King can bless? Are you ready to leave your issues and receive the blessings of 
the King?

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It's easy to tell people to have hope and 
trust in the Lord, but it's another thing to
be that hope for them. How can I be hope
you may ask. 
Be there for the person who is in a situation
where everyone has left...be there to help
feed the hungry...be there to elevate them
into another level...help them when they are
down...help elevate them into a 
life of HOPE.
Don't just tell them about Jesus..
Let the Jesus in you be the Jesus for them.
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Choose to remember the goodness 
of the Lord. Stabilize yourself by remembering the past blessings and rehearse past victories to help you in 
your daily life.
Use your past victories as a weapon against 
dream thieves. God doesn't forget you and the promises that He made to you.
Don't forget to REMEMBER...

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